NameJanice T. Ong
Functional UnitChemical Testing Laboratory

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
18974Glue, stick type, 8gpc114.13For office use2022-06-10 14:46:18View Delete
18968PHOTO PAPER, glossypcs.12.52For office use2022-06-10 12:38:28View Delete
18968SCISSORS, 8" sizepair116.50For office use2022-06-10 12:38:28View Delete
18868Folder, pressboard, plain, legalpcs414.16For CHEM use2022-05-19 14:06:08View Delete
18597Notebook, stenographer's, 40 leavespcs18.91For CHEM use2022-04-04 11:17:53View Delete
18543Notebook, stenographer's, 40 leavespcs18.91For office use2022-03-28 16:16:50View Delete
18502Battery, size AA, alkalinepcs416.55For RSTL use2022-03-16 15:48:07View Delete
18502Battery, size AAA, alkalinepcs422.02For RSTL use2022-03-16 15:48:07View Delete
18320Notebook, stenographer's, 40 leavespcs18.91For CHEM use2022-02-15 16:28:43View Delete
18206Glue, candle typepcs15.00For CHEM use2022-01-17 14:12:13View Delete