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CodeItem Stock CategoryItem NameUnitQuantityUnit CostExpiration 
0001001SupplyAcetate, gauge #3, 50m in lengthroll0656.13 View Update
0002001SupplyBallpen, bluepcs03.04 View Update
0002002SupplyBallpen, redpcs02.55 View Update
0002003SupplyBallpen, blackpcs03.68 View Update
0002004SupplyBallpen, blue, ink gelpc014.00 View Update
0003001SupplyBattery, size AA, alkalinepcs21215.35 View Update
0003002SupplyBattery, size AAA, alkalinepcs18020.59 View Update
0003003SupplyBattery, size D, alkalinepcs4289.34 View Update
0003004SupplyBattery, 9vpcs078.12 View Update
0007001SupplyCalculator, display, 12 digits, two-way power sourpcs9200.00 View Update