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Date WithdrawnItem CodeItem NameUnitQuantity IssuedUnit CostCustomer Name
2022-06-240233001TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls127.41Danilo S. Bation
2022-06-240233001TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls247.41Anthony C. Santos
2022-06-240211001MARKER, permanent, bullet type, blackpcs.112.00Josephine B. Nohay
2022-06-240211001MARKER, permanent, bullet type, blackpcs.112.00Charisa Mae M. Bait-it
2022-06-240060001Tape, transparent, 48mmroll217.57Charisa Mae M. Bait-it
2022-06-240059002Sticker paper, A4pcs12.96Sonora L. Buñag
2022-06-240023008Folder, pressboard, plain, legalpcs614.16Sonora L. Buñag
2022-06-240018011Envelope, expanding, long, brown with garter tiepcs128.71Jenard Bert R. Guinea
2022-06-230018001Envelope, kraft, legal sizepcs11.42Stenel Rizza V. Alegre
2022-06-230018002Envelope, kraft, A4 sizepcs11.38Stenel Rizza V. Alegre
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