NameSheila S. Bernardo
Functional UnitS&T Scholarships Unit

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
19012STICKY NOTE PAD, (3"x3"), 100 sheets/padpad112.58For STSC use2022-06-21 07:19:02View Delete
19012BANDERITAS, 5 color/setset120.05For STSC use2022-06-21 07:19:02View Delete
19009Paper, bond, Premium Grade,210mm x 297mm (A4)70gsmrms1175.16For STSC use2022-06-20 09:01:49View Delete
18994Folder, L-type, A4 sizepiece13.92For STSC use2022-06-16 09:41:32View Delete
18983TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls17.41For STSC use2022-06-14 14:37:47View Delete
18917Folder, expanding, legal, green, w/ tabpcs111.73For STSC use2022-06-02 08:23:00View Delete
18867Envelope, kraft, A4 sizepcs11.38For office use2022-05-18 10:49:43View Delete
18856Alcohol, 70% Solutionbtl186.84For STSC use2022-05-17 09:32:11View Delete
18842Envelope, mailing whitepcs50.47For STSC use2022-05-16 16:51:32View Delete
18818Folder, expanding, legal, green, w/ tabpcs311.73For STSC use2022-05-12 08:05:24View Delete