NameStenel Rizza V. Alegre
Functional UnitHuman Resource and Development

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
19173Paper, bond, Premium Grade,210mm x 297mm (A4)70gsmrms1175.87For office use2022-07-29 09:40:29View Delete
19128Sign Pen, 0.5 needle point, bluepiece114.10For HRD use2022-07-12 16:05:57View Delete
19126Envelope, kraft, A4 sizepcs31.38For HRD use2022-07-12 16:05:49View Delete
19085Envelope, kraft, shortpcs22.61For HRD use2022-07-04 08:29:38View Delete
19085Envelope, expanding, long, brown with garter tiepcs18.71For HRD use2022-07-04 08:29:38View Delete
19084Sign Pen, 0.5 needle point, bluepiece214.10For HRD use2022-07-04 08:29:31View Delete
19036Envelope, kraft, legal sizepcs11.42For HRD use2022-06-23 13:44:45View Delete
19035Envelope, kraft, A4 sizepcs11.38For HRD use2022-06-23 13:44:41View Delete
19019Envelope, kraft, A4 sizepcs11.38For HRD use2022-06-22 07:52:47View Delete
18966Envelope, expanding, short, brown with garter tiepcs27.24For HRD use2022-06-10 12:38:13View Delete