NameDanilo S. Bation
Functional UnitSupply Unit

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
19043TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls127.41For office use2022-06-24 08:49:41View Delete
19008DETERGENT POWDER, all purpose, 1kilo/pouchpouch192.65For office use2022-06-20 09:01:46View Delete
19002TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls127.41For office use2022-06-20 07:37:16View Delete
18964Tissue, for jumbo tissue dispenserroll5125.73For office use2022-06-10 09:32:05View Delete
18957TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls247.41For office use2022-06-10 07:22:21View Delete
18939TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls247.41For office use2022-06-06 08:55:23View Delete
18921Tissue, for jumbo tissue dispenserroll2125.73For Gen. Purpose use2022-06-02 16:55:00View Delete
18921DISHWASHING LIQUID SOAP, 250 ml/btlbtl157.96For Gen. Purpose use2022-06-02 16:55:00View Delete
18915TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls247.41For office use2022-06-02 08:19:00View Delete
18903Mop Head, 100% rayon, 400gpcs194.26For Gen. Purpose use2022-05-31 09:42:16View Delete