NameSonora L. Buñag
Functional UnitChemical Testing Laboratory

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
19174Envelope, kraft, shortpcs62.61For CHEM use2022-08-02 08:26:40View Delete
19160Envelope, kraft, legal sizepcs11.42For CHEM use2022-07-26 18:08:57View Delete
19108RECORD BOOK, 300 pages, smythe sewnpcs162.38For office use2022-07-06 18:44:54View Delete
19070Toner Cartridge, TN2360/TN660 Blk, Brotherpcs12,469.88For office use2022-06-30 15:53:31View Delete
19055Paper, bond, Premium Grade,210mm x 297mm (A4)70gsmrms5175.16For office use2022-06-27 16:26:11View Delete
19039Sticker paper, A4pcs12.96For office use2022-06-24 08:48:18View Delete
19038Folder, pressboard, plain, legalpcs614.16For office use2022-06-24 08:48:12View Delete
18999Stapler, standard type, load cap. 200 staples minpiece190.00For office use2022-06-17 16:51:29View Delete
18795BANDERITAS, 5 color/setset220.05For office use2022-05-06 10:37:35View Delete
18790Tape, packaging, 48mmroll217.83For office use2022-05-05 13:49:50View Delete