NameJerome S. Remillete
Functional UnitGender and Development Unit

Transaction History :: Withdrawals of Items
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No.Item NameUnitQuantityUnit PriceRemarksDate/Time Withdrawn 
19030Sign Pen, 0.5 needle point, bluepiece113.92For GAD use2022-06-22 15:07:55View Delete
19027TOILET TISSUE, roll, 2-plyrolls17.41For GAD use2022-06-22 13:28:08View Delete
19014Paper, bond, Premium Grade,210mm x 297mm (A4)70gsmrms1175.16For GAD use2022-06-21 07:19:10View Delete
18979Paper clip, gem type, 32mm, 100s/boxbxs17.81For GAD use2022-06-14 10:39:20View Delete
18952Paper, bond, Premium Grade,210mm x 297mm (A4)70gsmrms1175.16For GAD use2022-06-10 07:21:18View Delete
18899Glue, stick type, 8gpc114.13For GAD use2022-05-30 17:38:32View Delete
18898STICKY NOTE, (3"x4"), 100 sheets/padpad116.91For GAD use2022-05-30 17:38:26View Delete
18896Folder, tagboard, A4 sizepcs13.34For GAD use2022-05-30 14:14:17View Delete
18869Certificate Folder, A4pcs125.40For GAD use2022-05-20 15:40:53View Delete
18865Sign Pen, 0.5 needle point, bluepiece313.92For GAD use2022-05-18 08:37:15View Delete